Surgical Drains

A Bit of Self-deprecating Humor Never Hurts

The "Uni-Boober" ... not my word!

The “Uni-Boober” … not my word!

Just When I Thought I’d Take a Day Off

The first time I wrote about surgical drains and posted this was a Friday.  So here I go again…. do overs!  Enjoy the re-post and fair warning, I love Funday Friday so it might not be the last time you see this post!

It’s Friday afternoon.  I swore I was going to take today off.  No writing today, even though I had tons of ideas floating around in my head.  Stay away from the computer.  Well, here I am.  I am inspired to write from others most of the time and today is no exception.  Social Media made me do it.  Care of surgical drains was posted today both by my surgeon and his surgical group.  I always felt like it was a topic I needed to cover in a post so today is the day thanks to their inspiration. Go ahead.  Look this one up.  On my purpose page I stated this:

This blog will remain of the highest standards of respect and content to the reader and to honor myself as the writer.

A Necessary Evil

I’m going to honor myself by laughing at myself today.  I hope you get a Friday laugh out of this post, too.  Let’s just say it’s Funday Friday, or as my surgical group and my surgeon at PRMA called it on Facebook, #Flashback Friday.   Surgical drains are the necessary evil of many surgeries and certainly DIEP flap reconstruction.  They are an important part of your healing but no patient I have spoken to likes them.  But, hey, they are temporary.  I even had one of my abdominal drains become infected the week I was out of the hospital after phase 1.  But, it was taken care of within 12 hours when my doc upped my intake of anti-biotic.  Things happens when you’re healing and the infection was short-lived, just as the drains are short-lived.

You can read why they are so important to your healing at the PRMA website I linked to above.  My intended purpose for today, on this #Funday Friday #Flashback Friday post is to hopefully evoke a giggle, smile or laugh.  Just remember to grab a pillow and hold it on your abdominal incision if you’re still healing.

Measuring the Output

Getting close to getting them out!!

Getting close to getting them out!!

My best friend was taking care of me in the vacation rental in San Antonio the week after I left the hospital and helping with those drains was not our favorite part of the day.  Stripping and measuring out put, YUK!  It was December.  You can see the lovely Poinsettia sitting on the shelf in the background that my husband brought to me in the hospital in the picture at the top of the post.  I was also forever wearing my blue, zip-up hoodie because it was cooler not to mention it was easy to put on over those lovely drains.


 What to Do at the End of A Long Week

I was in the bedroom of the apartment using the ladies room.  My friend was sitting out in the living room.  We were at the end of a very long week and tired of watching every episode of the cooking channel there was.  Time for a little fun.  I zipped up the hoodie, dawned the sunglasses and walked out with my favorite jammies  on with drains attached to my lovely abdominal binder.  The fashion statement was too much for her.  My friend just about fell off the couch laughing.  She took the picture and I sent it out to my family and friends to let them know I was doing well and still had a sense of humor.

British Humor… Gotta Love it!

Big Giggles shortly after I showed him the picture.

Big Giggles shortly after I showed him the picture.

I was scheduled to go in to see my surgeon before I went home.  It was an extremely busy month for them.  Folks like to get those out-of-pocket insurance procedures done as the year closes.  The entire staff was ready for holiday.  Dr. C walked in that day and looked pretty tired.  The man puts in long hours and works hard.  He still had a red rim around his forehead from the surgical cap from his morning work and now he was in clinic.  I felt it was my duty and obligation to cheer a mate up.  So, I showed him “the drain picture” on my phone.  He fell apart laughing but what he said was absolutely priceless.  As you can see by the picture we were both trying not to giggle too hard for the photo that my nurse, Denise, took for us.

He called me “the uni-boober”!  So, when you get tired of your drains, laugh up your sleeve, have a chuckle, and most importantly, keep your sense of humor through it all…. just remember to have that pillow on standby for a good giggle.


Happy #Flashback #Funday #Friday!!


References made to my surgical group, surgeon and healthcare team are made because they are aligned with my values and met my criterion after I did research of their practices and success rates. Any other healthcare provider that displays the same skill, compassion education and outreach to patients will be given consideration and recognition on this website.  The information contained on this website is not a substitute for or should be construed as medical advice. Please consult a licensed physician for medical advice.