Amy Black ~ Tattoo Artist

Amy Black ~ Tattoo Artist

Amy Black is a talented and compassionate tattoo artist.  Her work with breast cancer and BRCA patients is nothing short of inspiring.  She owns Amy Black Tattoo.  From her website:

In 2011, Amy began working in another field of tattooing known as “nipple and areola repigmentation” or “mastectomy tattooing” as a part of breast reconstruction for patients post mastectomy due to breast cancer or BRCA diagnosis.

When Art Transcends Emotion

There are times when art truly transcends emotion in a very positive and powerful way.  This message could not have been more apparent to me than after my conversation with her on Anti-Cancer Club.  Along with hosts Stephie and Pat we sat mesmerized by this woman’s commitment to post-mastectomy patients.  Amy is an individual who exudes the statement, “The universe is larger than I am.”  Listening to her message, hearing about her work transforming the lives of women; it was clear to all of us that she felt this was not about Amy.  This was about transcending the scars left by breast cancer into works of art.

Women walk into her studio with no nipples after breast reconstruction or no breasts at all after mastectomy.  Amy uses her years of training in art to carefully tattoo a 3-D nipple and areola complex on to the reconstructed breasts.  Women who chose not to have reconstruction see the transformation from the scars of mastectomy to the canvas of their skin used to create a beautiful image and see it emerge through a collaborative choice of illustration that is meaningful and powerful to the client.

We truly sat mesmerized by the knowledge she shared.  It was easy for her to talk about this topic and really no surprise she was a featured speaker for a TedxRVA Talk entitled, “The power of a 2-inch circle”.  The ease and passion when Amy discusses her work, the inspiration she draws from her clients, and the work she hopes to expand and continue were evident in the hour long interview.

You can watch the broadcast in its entirety here.  Thank you AntiCancerClub for featuring this talented, compassionate, and inspirational artist!





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