My #Tweet Story from Science Camp

My #Tweet Story from Science Camp

This is my #Tweet Story from science camp, otherwise known as Project LEAD you will not believe what happened.  Before I get to that part of the story let me back up a little and fill in some details.

Years ago, when I started my Twitter account I was attempting to bring more attention to a non-profit.  I was a board member and wanted to spread the word about what we did.  I mainly followed on local businesses with hopes of finding sponsors.  I soon learned Twitter was for more than finding sponsors.

Twitter is a wealth of knowledge in 140 words or less, commercials of sorts that did not make noise.  I could browse and tweet without anyone knowing.  No noise and a cancer diagnosis brought me to the new reason I was on Twitter.  There were positive quotes and cancer information.  New resources emerged and I was no longer interested in local businesses but instead in whom I could follow that piqued my interest.  These were new cyberspace friends, individuals that were from all over the world, and ones I figured I would never meet face to face.

Meanwhile back at Science Camp

Meanwhile back at science camp.  After numerous forms of transportation I arrived at the hotel/camp were we all were staying.  I did not know anyone personally.  My roommate and I shared a sponsor, yet we had never met.  With my lymphedema sleeve on my arm I entered the lobby.  For some reason I was feeling self conscience and like a kindergartner on their first day at school.  Near the registration desk was this beautiful blonde woman who acknowledged my sleeve.  It was a smile that was like a warm blanket hug and took away my uneasiness.   I was among friends.

My #Tweet Story from Science CampI checked in and sent a text to my roommate, who arrived quickly and stated that there were three of us that were going to have lunch together.  This was an adventure so I went with it. The third was the woman that gave me that wonderful smile in the lobby near the registration desk.  I was starting to like this adventure.  We went to the restaurant, ordered, and small talk ensued.  My roommate introduced me to Terri, our guest.  They chatted about how they met and I listened.  Then I realized who I was sitting with and I was beside myself.  Here is how the next few minutes went:

Me: “Wait you are Terri from Twitter?”

Terri: “Yes, @6state

Me: “OMG, really?” (Acting like a school girl who just met her idol.)

Terri:  “Yes” (fully composed)

Me: “I am @2BACancer.  I follow you and have for years!  OMG, OMG, OMG!

(Giggles and laughter.)

Terri:  “Oh”

Me: “I follow people on Twitter and figured I would never meet them face to face.  This is awesome and amazing!  By the way I love your tweets.”

Terri: “Thank you.”  (still very composed)

(silent pause)

Terri: “I am sorry we did not record this.  I have never had a reaction like this when I met someone.” (big smile, plenty of laughter)

My #Tweet Story from Science Camp 3

Mental Clearance Sale… YOGA break!

My #Tweet Story from Science Camp 2


My #Tweet Story from Science Camp 4

Kissing the Salk Institute…every day!












That is how it is a science camp; you never know who you might meet.  Our time together that week was spent learning plenty about science and other life stories, drinking more coffee then we should, kissing buildings, laughing about stupid things, and talking to strangers.  In the end, I realized that something bigger than all of us oversaw our destiny that week, a cute little blue bird.


Thank you to Kirstin, @2BACancer, for this fun and amazing guest blog. Meeting new advocates with such a passion to help other breast cancer survivors was such an honor for me.  Great memories and new friends! What’s not to like? Hooray for “science camp”, Twitter friends, and survivor-ship!


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