New Game Changer App for Anyone Impacted by Breast Cancer

New Game Changer App for Anyone Impacted by Breast Cancer

I am a breast cancer survivor.  I have had breast cancer twice.  I had two lumpectomies my first diagnosis.  I relied on the visits to my oncologist and breast surgeon to inform me of my options and what the treatment, side effects, and recovery would be like that included chemotherapy and radiation.  That was in 2002.  My second diagnosis in 2014 resulted in double mastectomy.  I wore prosthesis for seven months before I decided on DIEP flap breast reconstruction.

Many patients complain that their surgeons essentially just old them what their treatment would involve without much discussion.  What if someone said you can be actively involved in deciding your breast cancer treatment plan?  Many of us use a variety of apps on our mobile devices and computers every day. Those apps serve many different purposes to suit our individual needs. Would having an app for shared decision making in your breast cancer treatment make this process easier and empowering?  The soon to be released Breast Advocate App will do just that!

Should you have a lumpectomy or mastectomy?  Should you have a prophylactic surgery?  Should you go flat or have breast reconstruction?  If you want reconstruction, what type is best for you?  These are just some common situations women post about on the Journey and other groups all the time.  Breast Advocate can help with all these situations and more.  It can empower you with the knowledge you need to fully discuss your surgical treatment plan with your healthcare team.  It will also allow you to connect with others in similar situations within the app community.

Answers in the Palm of Your Hand with the Breast Advocate App

Breast Advocate is a game changer, in my humble opinion.  For each breast cancer diagnosis, I relied on pamphlets shared by my health care providers, research on the internet, and reading studies and articles to determine the best possible decisions for my care.  I am so excited for those who can use this app and get that information in the palm of their hand for free.  Doesn’t that seem like a game changer to you?  I encourage you to sign up.

When I began following Breast Advocate on Twitter over a year ago I had no idea what was in the works.  I am honored to know the physician who has been working on this ground-breaking app.  That physician is Dr. Minas Chrysopoulo, the microsurgeon who performed my DIEP flap breast reconstruction.  I do not find it surprising he is the mind behind this app.  He has been engaged on social media for a while congruent with all that Breast Advocate offers, passionately sharing breast cancer educational information on various social media platforms.  I am honored to announce Breast Advocate will soon be available for download and encourage you all to sign up here to receive immediate notification of its release!

Strong work Breast Advocate and from the breast cancer and breast reconstruction community I so humbly serve as a patient advocate, we are excited and thank you!

New Game Changer App for Anyone Impacted by Breast Cancer



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