Meet my Friend, Patient Advocate & Four-time Breast Cancer Fighter

Meet my Friend, Patient Advocate & Four-time Breast Cancer Fighter

This is Terlisa Sheppard. Terlisa is my friend. She is also a patient advocate and four-time breast cancer fighter. Terlisa and I met this past summer at the Project LEAD Institute graduate program along with other amazing patient advocates. I was blessed to see her again in December of 2017 at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium (SABCS) and we put it on our schedule to commit to making this video together. I will visit this blog frequently to listen to her Journey of being a young mother diagnosed with breast cancer and now living daily with the disease.

Are you inspired? I think you should be, I really do. To know that cancer is in your body in various organs and continue to look at life with a blessed, grateful disposition is nothing short of God-given, super-human constitution. Be inspired. I am and am honored to call her my friend. Standing next to her, you can feel the warmth of her smile radiating through the room.

Meet my Friend, Patient Advocate & Four-time Breast Cancer Fighter

We stood by Terlisa at a silent awareness campaign at SABCS to support her and to encourage more research and more clinical trials for the metastatic community. With us is another friend and fellow LEAD graduate patient advocate, Kirstin Litz. We feel that our time and voices matter to other breast cancer patients. Patient advocacy commitment can be in the form of support, comfort, research, and hours spent supporting our communities. We are bonded by a breast cancer diagnosis and survivor-ship.

These women, these patient advocates are not only friends, they are my inspiration. I would like you to listen to Terlisa’s story in this video. I can’t add anything else to this blog that will inspire you more than her Journey from breast cancer through breast reconstruction and patient advocacy. She did hit a home-run!



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