Patient Reported Outcome Measurement in Plastic Surgery & Breast Reconstruction

Patient Reported Outcome Measurement in Plastic Surgery & Breast Reconstruction

Patient Reported Outcome Measurement (P.R.O.M.s) are a way to improve plastic surgery and breast reconstruction. Dr. Roy Kim, San Francisco Plastic Surgery, points out that with the development of P.R.O.M.s in the future, the hope is that a broader audience of participants including a more diverse female group both in ethnicity and socio-economic levels, will be included. By engaging both patient advocacy groups and breast reconstruction practices, better data could evolve to be more statistically valid information and help more patients.

How and Why are P.R.O.M.s done?

  • Patients do surveys of their plastic surgery and breast reconstruction results/experience.
  • Data is collected and saved.
  • The data becomes statistically significant
  • The data helps with various procedures in breast surgery, plastic surgery, and various breast reconstruction.
  • P.R.O.M.s started with an on-line group to measure patient outcomes.
  • Academic Centers will want to collect this data for future research and journal articles.
  • Private practice plastic surgery centers can also use P.R.O.M.s to enhance and improve practice for patients.

What question should you ask your plastic surgeon if you want to be a part of P.R.O.M.s?

  • Do you believe in P.R.O.M.s?
  • If so, can I take part in a P.R.O.M.s survey?

Check out the video here for further information. Thanks for this opportunity Dr. Kim!


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