I am an advocate for breast reconstruction.

That does not mean that I will tell you which choice is best for you or even if you should move forward with reconstruction. I will, however, explain how I came to know about my reconstruction options, where I researched, who I talked to and how I came to the decision that I made to have DIEP flap (deep inferior epigastric perforator) reconstruction after a double mastectomy in May of 2014. My purpose is to provide you with resources so that if you are considering reconstruction you can make an informed choice.

Additionally, because I have been diagnosed with breast cancer twice I wanted to reach out to those who have gone through a cancer diagnosis and provide a firsthand look at how to manage the enormity of dealing with all that comes with a diagnosis. It is an overwhelming experience with so many thoughts, emotions and decisions to deal with. I hope my experiences or words of encouragement can assist you in navigating your way through this often bumpy ride.

I will share with you my personal story and the experiences and people that have lifted me up along the way and have affirmed my conviction for living a purposeful life. I welcome your comments, questions and thoughts. I will respond in kind based on my experiences and references.

Please do not share or post photos that might be considered difficult for other viewers to look at, medically, personally or otherwise. I will make a decision not to share them on my sight. This blog will remain of the highest standards of respect and content to the reader and to honor myself as the writer.

My opinions are my own and if there is any medical reference on my blog you should always know it is there for your consideration and the final decision should be made between you and your health care provider in regards to what is the best decision for your health and your life.