The Value of a 2nd Opinion for Breast Reconstruction

The Value of a 2nd Opinion for Breast Reconstruction The value of a 2nd opinion for breast reconstruction is fortunately something that has the potential to give women hope if they have been turned down at an initial consult for autologous breast reconstruction. I had the fortune to talk with two board certified microsurgeons, Dr. David Song of MedStar Georgetown and Dr. Minas Chrysopoulo of PRMA in San Antonio. Both plastic surgeons successfully and routinely perform a variety of autologous flap surgeries with great success. What is autologous breast reconstruction? Autologous breast reconstruction is using another area of the patient’s body using the tissue and underlying blood vessels to create a soft, warm, new breast after a mastectomy. Why are women sometimes turned down by plastic surgeons or told they are not good candidates for autologous breast reconstruction? Here are some of the reasons Dr. Song and Dr. Chrysopoulo mention Continue Reading →

Seeking a Second Opinion

Inspired to Write About Seeking a Second Opinion I recently joined a closed Face book page about blogging. One of the questions posed in the discussion was what so inspires you to blog/write. The main focus and inspiration for me will always be to inform others about breast reconstruction. But, leading up to breast reconstruction was twice being diagnosed with breast cancer so one greatly influences the other. The inspiration for this blog came from a question posed on a completely different Face book page. The questions were regarding getting a second opinion and what your thoughts were on it. I felt inspired to share my thoughts. Life’s Book on a Cancer Diagnosis My experience with second opinions is a lesson to be taken out my life’s book on a cancer diagnosis and all that comes with it. The first time I was diagnosed with cancer was twelve years ago Continue Reading →