With Cool Weather Brings More Writing

With Cool Weather Brings More Writing Cool weather brings more writing and so I’ve accepted a personal challenge.  November 2015 #NaBloPoMo is a writing experience sponsored by @BlogHer, women and men encouraging creative voices in blogging. I was inspired to join after reading a post from BC Becky, a fellow blogger and social media connection. We are both breast cancer survivors. I honestly don’t remember how my first connection with Becky began but it was instrumental in launching my blog in March of this year, 2015. I read her instructional information regarding blogging. It was very beneficial and really motivational as I started my blog about breast reconstruction after a mastectomy. I truly had no knowledge, no idea how to blog. I set a date to open the blog knowing that would push me to actually do it. I had no expectations on its success or outreach but I had Continue Reading →