Fat Grafting Breast Reconstruction Garments

Fat Grafting Breast Reconstruction Garments Fat grafting breast reconstruction garments will vary depending on your particular procedure and where the fat is taken from to be injected back into your breasts.  The practice of using compression garments also varies among plastic surgeons. Fat grafting is done to achieve symmetry after implants are placed or autologous flap surgery is done.  There are often areas that have a look of indentation or a divot after phase one of DIEP flap or after implants are placed for breast reconstruction.  These are the areas that benefit from fat grafting. It was my experience that a fuller, smoother and more uniform look to my breasts was achieved from both of my fat grafting procedures.   The appearance of your breasts when you wake up from surgery will be slightly different after six months due to a couple of factors; you are swollen after surgery and some Continue Reading →

Post Surgical Garments after Breast Reconstruction

Post Surgical Garments after Breast Reconstruction Post Surgical garments after breast reconstruction are part of the healing process. This is a photo I took on my computer  of a page taken directly out of the Breast Reconstruction Planner from my surgical group, PRMA in San Antonio. They are very comprehensive in helping you plan every step of the way but I wanted you to hear an experience from a patient’s standpoint. Are they glamorous? No, but you learn to conceal their bulkiness with accessorizing! Here is a picture of my nurse, Denise, and me and you can visibly see the outline of my drains but you don’t see any of the garments.  Are they comfortable? They’re not uncomfortable but they are a bit bulky and the abdominal binder, if you’ve had DIEP flap surgery, tends to move around a bit after you have had it on and are going about Continue Reading →