#FlashbackFriday and A Chance Encounter I wanted to share a chance encounter that I had yesterday and post it for #FlashbackFriday. While I was busy doing what I’ve been calling my “boots on the ground” work to promote Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day 2015, I had a fortuitous circumstance, an encounter of compassion. Tweeting in the Stairwell My Twitter account was full of activity yesterday thanks to some overwhelming support from Social Media friends and supporters. I was at the imaging center to hand out flyers for my Breast Reconstruction Awareness event. It seemed like a logical place to drop off promotional material for women getting mammograms and screenings. I took the stairwell trying to be inconspicuous and out of the way of the patients. OK, so I was also admittedly latching on to the imaging center’s WI-Fi so I could check the craziness of my Tweets coming in. It was Continue Reading →

Breast Reconstruction Phase 2 ~ Remembering Dates

Today I will be seeing my plastic surgeon for the pre-op appointment for phase 2 of my breast reconstruction. People remember and celebrate dates for various reasons. I don’t know how this happened but I have had a strange collision of dates today. Cancer patients tend to remember significant dates and anniversaries in their minds for various reasons. It might be the day of diagnosis. Perhaps it was the final day of treatment. Today for me, it’s a combination of a couple of significant events and a day to celebrate as well. Memories Evoked I will admit that the final day of radiation and all treatments, October 15, 2002, sans five years of Tamoxifen, from my first diagnosis was very significant to me. I was raised a Catholic and October 15 was the feast day of my patron saint, St. Teresa. That was significant to me that those two dates Continue Reading →