Infusion Therapy: Facing your Fears

Prolia Injection at the Infusion Therapy Center I went to the infusion therapy center at my cancer center today to have the first of my Prolia injections to treat bone loss. I would be getting them twice a year.  Since I am taking an AI (Aromatase Inhibitor) and additionally have a family history of osteoporosis, my oncologist recommended I start the injections. I do not have a fear of needles. I had a CVC line for chemo thirteen years ago and was fully awake when they inserted that. I have had multiple IV sticks for breast cancer and reconstruction surgeries and blood drawn. I always watch them put the needle in for both and tell them where my good, “go to” veins are. No problems. Today was a simple subcutaneous injection at the back of my arm. I had the option of having it in my abdomen but I looked Continue Reading →

Genetic Testing

Is Genetic Testing A Scary Road to Travel? It is one of the hot topics in the medical world, “Genetic Testing”. A recent report from NBC Nightly News reports on the the risks and benefits of genetic testing.  Why do individuals choose to do it? What are the benefits and risks? What is the cost? Is it covered by insurance? Does it risk an individual’s chances of further insurance coverage in the future if they test positive? My Own Personal Experience I can only speak from my personal experience and reasons to explore genetic testing for myself. There are certain criterion that determines if you are a candidate who will likely benefit from genetic testing. I fit two of those conditions. One, I had breast cancer at a fairly young age, 47. Two, I had a recurrence of the original cancer I had at 47 but more importantly a newly Continue Reading →