My #Tweet Story from Science Camp

My #Tweet Story from Science Camp This is my #Tweet Story from science camp, otherwise known as Project LEAD you will not believe what happened.  Before I get to that part of the story let me back up a little and fill in some details. Years ago, when I started my Twitter account I was attempting to bring more attention to a non-profit.  I was a board member and wanted to spread the word about what we did.  I mainly followed on local businesses with hopes of finding sponsors.  I soon learned Twitter was for more than finding sponsors. Twitter is a wealth of knowledge in 140 words or less, commercials of sorts that did not make noise.  I could browse and tweet without anyone knowing.  No noise and a cancer diagnosis brought me to the new reason I was on Twitter.  There were positive quotes and cancer information.  New Continue Reading →

A Patient Advocacy Story

A Patient Advocacy Story Breast Reconstruction Awarenss Day 2015, a patient advocacy story, begins with an inspirational moment; a moment that was a true catalyst to a new found purpose in my life. Where was the inspiration? Why would a patient become an advocate and subsequently an affiliate to promote a nationwide campaign for breast reconstruction awareness following a cancer diagnosis and mastectomy? Easy answer! The plastic surgeon I chose to do my DIEP flap surgery and the patient liaison that was my first point of contact at their group WAS my starting point. When something feels right, I move on it. It was my moment of inspiration. I was asked to share my reconstruction surgery experience with other women who were considering the same type of surgery. I wanted to pay it forward and let other women know about this group, their skill, success rate, credentials, compassion and the Continue Reading →

Guest Blog ~ World Health Innovation Summit & Gareth Presch

Guest Blog ~ World Health Innovation Summit & Gareth Presch I am pleased to share a guest blog from the World Health Innovation Summit and Mr. Gareth Presch .  Through the power and connection of Social Media across the globe I am pleased to present the work that Gareth is doing.  Through shared vision and outreach we are like-minded in our enthusiasm to reach communities to improve the health care experience.  Thank you Gareth for your work and for sharing this blog! Health touches us all, every sector, and we support sharing knowledge between those sectors to improve health and social care around the world – Gareth Presch It started with a tweet! – Gareth Presch Posted on October 11, 2015 by World Health Innovation Summit “Together, We Inspire” World Health Innovation Summit CIC – Community Led “Patients, Clinicians, Managers, Voluntary Sector, Education and Businesses” Supporting the sharing of knowledge to Continue Reading →