My #Tweet Story from Science Camp

My #Tweet Story from Science Camp This is my #Tweet Story from science camp, otherwise known as Project LEAD you will not believe what happened.  Before I get to that part of the story let me back up a little and fill in some details. Years ago, when I started my Twitter account I was attempting to bring more attention to a non-profit.  I was a board member and wanted to spread the word about what we did.  I mainly followed on local businesses with hopes of finding sponsors.  I soon learned Twitter was for more than finding sponsors. Twitter is a wealth of knowledge in 140 words or less, commercials of sorts that did not make noise.  I could browse and tweet without anyone knowing.  No noise and a cancer diagnosis brought me to the new reason I was on Twitter.  There were positive quotes and cancer information.  New Continue Reading →

Trending on Twitter #Ilooklikeasurgeon

Trending on Twitter #Ilooklikeasurgeon Trends on Twitter and much of Social Media go at break neck speeds. Here today and gone tomorrow. There has been something trending on Twitter the past few days that inspired me to write this post. The trend followed the hash tag #Ilooklikeasurgeon and began with an article written about diversity and equality from a London surgeon, Dr. Ed Fitzgerald. A resident in surgery, Heather Logghe, MD, started the trend with pictures on Twitter.  And yes, it exploded on Social Media!  Dr. Kathy Hughes, a surgeon and one of my favorite bloggers,  even started a Facebook page to honor this community.  I was mesmerized and actually found two surgeons I follow on Twitter who posted these two pictures.                 I know Dr. Chrysopoulo personally and many of you who read my blog probably feel like you do, too, as Continue Reading →